I sure don't feel old, but wow, I am not young anymore either. My eyesight is a little off and my hearing isn't great. I stopped running because of a knee thing and dang, I forget what I was looking for now and then. 

At first it seemed best to just shove all these changes to the back of my balding head. But the more I tried to deny what was going on, the more things kept jumping out. Maybe a little humor could help. Then I auditioned for this cartoon, which pokes a little fun at getting older, and now I am a sort of spokes person. This is my first gig as a real cartoon character. I used to be a stick figure and a smiley face (yes we get old too and have all of the problems listed above). 

One episode of this series is released each week because that's about enough time to chuckle about this stuff. Feel free to bookmark this site or make it really easy and subscribe. You will get an email link each week when it comes out. 

At the end of each episode there is a nonsense cartoon. Does that make sense? It shouldn't. It is more like desert. 

Very Nearly Sincerely,


This series is conceived, written and drawn by Paul Holt

All names and characters in this series are fictitious and do not represent real persons, living or otherwise. Any resemblances or similarities to real persons are coincidental, with the exception of Paul Holt's dogs who appear occasionally as themselves.