Lately it seems my own body doesn't fit my state of mind. I feel younger than my joints. I feel younger than my gray (and white) hair. There are even times when my body doesn't seem to fit the room, such as in a gathering of young people. I may still feel young but sometimes I think it freaks them out. Like a contagion, age may be something to fear when you are young. Age difference isn't just physical either. Each generation comes up with its own sort of culture. There are times when I feel left out of another generation's culture no matter how hard I try to fit in. 

This week Lou and his buddies find out first hand what it is like to be an "outsider". There is an irony here that three white guys could be outsiders in a culture which has been dominated by us. It presents a strange form of equality where no one is left out of feeling left out. 

We dedicate this episode to anyone who feels like an outsider whether by age, race, orientation, belief, or circumstance. May we somehow find a way to live together.

Happy Holidays

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