Where's Lou???

It seems there is a part of the aging process that we have overlooked here at Bold Sage Lane. That is, when many of us retire we are going to want to do whatever the (fill in expletive) we want. That free open road ahead after years of punching the big clock can be most alluring. It leads many of us to a fulfilling post midlife, pre geriatric, time when we let go of some obligation and grab on to some exploration.

Well, such seems to have happened to Lou. After taking a summer break the open road took he and Mrs. Plaht away to France where he appears to be content for a while. What does this mean for Bold Sage Lane? It’s going to continue and Lou will be a big part of it, although since he is retired……wait a minute, so are we! Anyway, there will be fewer postings coming up and maybe a little diversity. If you are signed up for this series, it will keep coming, just not as frequently than it has but more than lately. If you are not signed up on the mailing list then get on with it and subscribe now.

We are hoping you have found or are finding your own open road and that your exploration has some fine sensation. Stay tuned.