Big Birthday

There is something about an approaching birthday that is like an approaching new year's eve. It often feels like there should be more time. There is a subtle sense of the incomplete, as if there is much left to do. Well there is. This week Lou is feeling it as he hits a big milestone. He tries to go back in time, not so much to look and feel young, but to have time to do the things he never finished. Although there is still time ahead, there is also a bunch of new stuff to do and places to go. There is also time which could have been spent with family and friends who are no longer here. It all goes by so fast. 

A little nonsense just seemed like the best way for this notion to come out or at lease a bit more fun to express. So the whole episode this week could be considered "nonsense". Some "real" nonsense can be found in the "nonsense frame".


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