I'm No Geeza

This week is a follow up to last week's "I'm No Geezer", with a new twist. A female version of the term and condition of being a "geezer". It highlights an argument between two women who differ in their views about age and self. One embraces her age and the term "geeza", the other rejects it preferring to think of herself as young. 

It is true that many of us differ in our views on aging although as I made the Geezer and Geeza episodes it became clear that this is also very much an inner dialog that could take place in someone's head. Addressing the contrast between not feeling old and physically aging is something that we don't always do out loud. It can be uncomfortable for some to do at all. Well maybe a little cartoon episode can help. Beware the argument between accepting age and rejecting it isn't quite resolved. You may have to do that in your own mind. Have fun! 

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