Each year added to my age puts a little distance between my experience and that of the younger generation. As I look around, young adults just seem to keep getting younger and younger.

So what’s with them? Many appear to be more naive and less aware as I grow older. I might even say many of them seem ignorant of the dire situation the world is in. There are days when I feel a measure of concern for the future of the human race and planet. It seems we are confronting a unique set of circumstances which will require the full attention and diligence of the younger generation. Climate change, cyber wars, extreme politics, water shortages, over population, among other threats present an unprecedented challenge to those who are entering young adulthood. Or do they? Unprecedented?

War and seege along with famine, malnutrition, and plague have been constant threats to generations of humans throughout our history. So how will we fare by comparison to the youth of the past? Are today’s young people really so naive and unconcerned about the future? Are they ignorant? Are they up to the challenge? Lou has a little fun with the thought of the young “seemingly” screwing things up in “Doomed”

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