Retirement Schools

There are such things as retirement schools but they may not be as they seem. Lou gets totally into it in the current episode.

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We interrupt the normal flow of this blog to thank Greta Thunberg for having the courage to get in the face of world leaders and confront them about the “climate crisis”.

It got Lou thinking about what he was leaving behind for the next generations. He realized that we are all a part of the crisis and the solution so he started digging into things he could do to lower his carbon foot print. Strange, he thought that these things aren’t spelled out regularly to all of us peeps by the media and pop culture. Here are a few things he came up with:

1) Drive less - use more alternatives like bussing, walking, and riding the bike.

2) Fly Less - Cut back, even a little helps reduce this big carbon emitter.

3) Eat less meat - Especially red meat

4) Weatherize - Insulation and air seal cracks and seams.

5) Lower heat temp / Up cooling temp

6) Take shorter showers

7) Unplug electronics when not in use. Power strips with on/off switches make this easier.

8) Update old appliances to newer Energy Star models (especially refrigerators and washing machines)

9) Protest

10) Plant a tree

11) For the hard core, line dry clothes after washing and eliminate the dryer