Feeling Younger Than You Look

Years back an older neighbor of mine expressed something that was of great concern to him. This was a milestone of sorts because he always conveyed a sense of self confidence that had, until then, shielded any kind of self doubt or reflection. As if letting his guard down he said to me "It's the strangest thing, my body seems to be getting old but I still feel like a young man. I'm still so young in my head". He went on to describe an array of physical problems that had been creeping up. Even though I was in my early 40's at the time I knew exactly what he meant. I too was older than I felt in some respects, even at 42. 

How is it that an eternal sort of inner state can exist in a body that changes and gets older over time? There may not be enough pages to even approach that but it sure makes for a fun cartoon. This week, "Feeling Younger Than You Look".

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