Fence Posts

This week's episode looks at tradition. It seems like it is an episode about fence posts but it is really about holding up the old ways. Old ways in the stuff that was passed down from elders and the stuff that we rebelled so well against and turned into our own way. Well some of that is old now. That new exciting stuff that no one had ever thought of before is now old news and is folded into the stuff that was handed down. 

I never felt like the bearer of tradition until I was well into middle age and noticed how things were changing so quickly in the generations coming up. It compelled me to take a role which had been unfamiliar. Could I have become that old guy down the block that growls at kids and wishes for his long passed dolce vita? There are things that need to be held onto and some that are better passed off to a new way of thinking.  

The fence post metaphor could make it seem like the whole episode belongs in a nonsense frame and maybe it does. I couldn't resist flipping the real nonsense frame into a more sensical one. I guess tradition can only make so much sense. 

Well enough explaining. Take a look. 

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